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We help you set up

In the process of adding a listing, we’ll ask you the questions that renters want to know about when booking. You’ll have to describe your property, providing details, photographs, pricing and the availability of the space.

Advices all the way

We understand it may seem hard to be a host for the first time, but if you’re having any trouble, we’ll provide you with advice on prices, settings, and other updates that can help you get reservations. And experienced Host in our Community Center can pitch in, too.

Build your community

Once you’ve completed your listing, renters from all over can find your space according to their needs, per day, in the search results.

This is how the magic happens

1. List Your Space

It is incredibly simple to add your space on Spaceprk. Just click “List your space” on the user’s menu and give details about your space. It’s better to upload beautiful and clean photos, so that your space will be more attractive to renters.

2. Welcome Your Guests

As soon as a renter makes a booking request (in case you don’t allow instant bookings), then it’s up to you! You can accept or decline a request and you can always contact the renter first.

3. Earn Money

And that’s it; now you will get paid! If you have accepted the renter’s booking request, then it is time for you to earn some money. The renter will now be your main point of contact.

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

Administrate your properties, reservation requests, availability calendar and much more.

Booking System

Keep your reservations organized in a friendly booking calendar interface. Receive email notifications from the website to be always on point with the status of your reservations.

Prices and Fees

Set higher prices to charge your customers during the peak season, or during special-event periods. Set necessary cleaning fees to have your place prepared before arrival or after guests leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding space

Can I schedule a space visit before committing to a space?

Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a space visit before committing to the space to ensure that it’s the right location with the right set up.

Why aren’t there any spaces in the cities I’m interested in?

Spaceprk is still growing, and we don’t have a presence in every city yet. But we’re working on it and we’d love to hear about where you need space. If you are looking for open spaces somewhere but you can’t find any spaces in that area, let us know. Shoot us an email at

What to do if your booking request is declined?

If your booking request is declined, we recommend that you search for other listings that fit your criteria. Spacelords can decline a request for a variety of reasons and that should not discourage you from planning your outdoors experience.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended. Spaceprk offers a variety of insurance packages. If you are interested please contact us at

How to make a complaint?

If you have feedback about listing owner, we’d love to hear about it. Please send us an email at

How to browse spaces?

  1. Search by city or neighborhood on our homepage.
  2. Filter your results using the “More Options” drop-down menu at the upper right-hand section (above the first results listing).
  3. Once you’ve found a space you are interested in, book the space!

Do I need to sign a contract?

You will NOT need to sign an agreement (such as a lease or license agreement) to book your space.

If a guest cancels a booking

  • Full refund within 48 hours of payment, less service fee
  • 50% refund within 28 days of payment, less service fee
  • No refunds after 28 days of payment
  • No refunds when the event check-in is less than 7 days away

Questions about the cancellation policies can be directed to our team. Contact us ( to learn more.

If a host cancels a booking

  • 100% refund to the guest
  • 150€ cancellation fee, and a hold on future payouts to recover costs incurred by the cancellation

Fee may be waived in extenuating circumstances such as damage to the space resulting in unsafe conditions, subject to proof of circumstance and spaceprk approval.

Hosts who cancel a guest booking will have their account reviewed by spaceprk , and may be suspended from future bookings.

Questions about the cancellation policies can be directed to our team. Contact us ( to learn more.

If a guest wishes to reschedule a booking for the same space

  • Free when rescheduling within 48 hours of payment
  • 15% service fee for rescheduling more than 48 hours after payment

Booking transfers to other parties and change of dates are only permitted with written approval from the host. Confirmed bookings are not transferable to other spaces. Only guests are able to request the rescheduling of a booking, hosts are not able to reschedule a guests’ booking.

Booking transfers to other parties

Booking transfers to other parties and change of dates are only permitted with express written approval from the host. Confirmed bookings are not transferable to other spaces.Our Support Team reviews each cancellation to determine a fair resolution for both parties. All decisions made by spaceprk regarding cancellation requests are final.

Listing space

Is my property right for Spaceprk?

We love that you want to share your property with Spaceprk, but we’ve found that some cases aren’t typically what renters are searching for on our platform. For example, the land should be clean without wild grass and of course it should be secure, meaning no snakes or wild animals.

How to add my property?

Simply click the Add Property button at the user’s menu and follow the steps. Describe your space, choose a price and upload photos. it is pretty easy!

Does Spaceprk take a standard commission?

Yes, Spaceprk takes a 15% commission from your gross booking earnings. That means you keep 85% of everything you make on Spaceprk.

How and when do I get paid?

Our payment system is designed to ensure transferring money between guests and hosts is as simple and reliable as possible. A guest is charged the full amount once they accept an offer. If the booking is within 4 weeks of payment, your host payout will be initiated on the booking start date. You can expect the transfer to arrive in your account within 2-10 business days, depending on your bank.

If the booking will take place further than 4 weeks in the future, your host payout will be issued 4 weeks after the initial payment date.

Paying outside the system is not secure, and we cannot provide access to these benefits when reservations are not booked directly through Spaceprk

Do I have to interact with the renters?

You’re not required to interact with the renters. In fact, many may actually prefer the privacy, peace and quiet. However, if you’re a social person, feel free!

At each property, guests may check-in online or in a guestbook, and we suggest proper signage and maps to help guide them to the right area.

What about trash?

As part of leave no trash, our renters are required to pack out what they pack in. However, in some cases you may need the help of our cleaning team. We advice you to charge the cleaning fee in  the full price of your property.

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended. Spaceprk offers a variety of insurance packages. If you are interested please contact us at

How are taxes included?

Some hosts may be required by law to charge a tax, and some hosts may not.

Spaceprk reminds hosts that it is their responsibility to include taxes in the final booking offer, when they are required to collect taxes by law.

Hosts should inform guests of any taxes they may be required to collect when the final booking offer is made.

As booking offers should include any and all applicable taxes, guests do not pay any additional tax once booking payment is complete.

Not informing guests of required taxes upfront may deter them from booking a Hosts’ space.

Hosts can always view their earnings and past bookings through their host dashboard.

Security deposits: What hosts need to know

A security deposit is held by Spaceprk to protect hosts in case of unforeseen damages, additional cleaning, or failure to adhere to Space Rules during a booking.

A host has up to 48 hours following a booking to notify Spaceprk and request that the security deposit be withheld, within reason and with proof.

When listing your space, you can choose the amount of your security deposit that guests will be responsible for. Average deposits are typically 250€, 500€ or 1000€, depending on the space and the amenities. Hosts are in full control of the amount they charge for a security deposit.

Spaceprk will mediate and resolve all cancellation requests and security deposit claims. Our decisions are reached after fairly assessing information from all sides. The renter must compensate the property owner for any costs for damage repairs beyond the security deposit. Spaceprk is not interfering in that process and the transacting parties (i.e. renter and property owner) must contact directly to resolve any issues.

What happens when I accept a booking?

Review the offer before accepting a booking. Once you accept the booking, you will not be able to adjust the fees or the dates. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation for the booking.

The guest will be charged for the total booking fee shown in the offer. The security deposit will be charged separately one week before the event and returned 72 hours after the booking ends.

Start Creating Your Listing Today

Spaces of all shapes, styles, and sizes do well on Spaceprk – from empty storefronts to industrial lofts. Afterall, it’s the diversity of options that makes Spaceprk special.


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